Join our team as a Clark Ambassador

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Earn rewards and exclusive access to perks by helping us spread the word

What does it mean to be a Clark Ambassador?

Being a Clark Ambassador means you are a tutor, teacher, or someone who works in education, and you want to help us provide the best resources for independent educators. 

How will you help? By providing feedback, sharing your experiences, and letting others know about us so that we can learn from them as well.

What do you get in return?

As an ambassador you'll earn free Clark swag, including things like notebooks, totes, t-shirts, and more. You'll also get invites to exclusive giveaways, events, and first access to new Clark products.

Earn free rewards when you get other tutors to subscribe to "The Syllabus".
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Here's our current rewards:

Refer 1 tutor and get a 1.5" x 4" orange Clark sticker and coffee for two. Perfect for adorning a drab notebook.  Or as a reward for that student that nailed their practice exam. The sticker, not the coffee. The coffee is for your 8am meeting or your 8pm session. Or both. You are getting two after all.

Refer 3 tutors and get a stress the shape of a pencil. Because being an educator is really hard. Squeeze it. Let it all go.

Refer 7 tutors and get a 8.25" x 5" Clark notebook and a $10 gift card. Who doesn't need extra supplies in this era of budget cuts? We see you. You could spend the $10 on even more supplies, or you could buy yourself a box of cupcakes. We know what we would do. Treat. yo. self.

Refer 10 tutors and get a Clark tote bagThis tote is a lovely, natural cream color with the trademark Clark logo in orange. Great for lugging your teaching stuff to and from sessions. Or for a bottle of wine when you're done.

Refer 15 tutors and get a Clark T-shirt. This tee is grey with the signature Clark bear logo (no body, just a bear head...don't ask).

Refer 50 tutors and get a brand new iPhone X. Yes, it's the big one.  Yes, it's the one that reads your face and makes you breakfast in the morning. Enough said. 

There are a few rules...

#1: Referrals have to be real people who have accepted your invite and subscribed.

#2: Program is currently available in the US only.

#3: We try to fulfill orders every Friday...but exact timing may vary.

#4: Exact colors and styles may vary based on availability.